SDTCS and SDTC can also provide the following services at the discretion of the PFTC:

Use of SDTC’s Infovisa trust accounting system

Per sound fiduciary practices and South Dakota Division of Banking requirements, the PFTC will be required to maintain a separate trust accounting system for trusts under its management. If the PFTC retains SDTC to provide the trust administration agent services referenced on this website, SDTC will allow the PFTC to use its trust accounting system and establish a separate “branch”, which SDTC will utilize for the PFTC’s specific trust administration and reporting.

Policies and Procedures Manual

Every South Dakota chartered trust company must have a company-specific policies and procedures manual. SDTCS has extensive experience in developing, drafting, and improving policies and procedures manuals for a variety of trust companies. The manual does not have to be completed at the time of the application, but must be completed and approved by the Board before the PFTC accepts an appointment as trustee.