Many families choose to establish an unregulated PFTC in Wyoming, and Nevada, primarily for regulatory simplicity and privacy. SDTC Services of Wyoming LLC (SDTCSW), SDTC Services of Nevada LLC (SDTCSN), and South Dakota Trust Company LLC (SDTC) can combine to provide superior services for both regulated and unregulated Private Family Trust Companies (PFTC) in Wyoming, and Nevada. Our goal is to provide your PFTC with the guidance, governance, and expertise needed for the successful operation of your PFTC.

SDTCSW, SDTCSN, and SDTC can provide the necessary structure and oversight expertise of the regulated trust company model to our unregulated trust company partners. In doing so, our unregulated trust company partners will operate knowing they have met the highest standards of fiduciary oversight without incurring the costs and scrutiny of a regulated trust company. All of our trust company partners begin by entering into what we call a Comprehensive Services Agreement. The rest of the services can be provided on an “as needed” basis.

In addition, another level of service that SDTC can provide, relates to the administration of the family’s trusts. The trustee is the unregulated Wyoming/Nevada PFTC; however, the PFTC may appoint SDTC to serve as its trust administration agent.  As the trust administration agent, SDTC will designate a trust officer to provide trust administration services for the family’s trusts, as an agent of the PFTC.  And the trust officer will serve as an officer of the PFTC.