Clients who establish South Dakota Regulated Private Family Trust Companies (PFTCs) generally have net worths well above $100 million. Many clients are multi-centimillionaires and billionaires. Clients with net worths $10-100 million typically will choose Unregulated Wyoming/or Nevada PFTCs (please see and

Clients generally have several key desires regarding their trust planning. These desires prioritized differently by each client, are: a governance structure for the family trusts; privacy; control and flexibility regarding trust administration and investment management; family promotion of social and fiscal responsibility inter-generationally; and tax and asset protection benefits. Since the mid-1990’s, PFTCs have allowed families to successfully integrate these key desires into their trust planning. As more families and their advisors familiarize themselves with the advantages and operation of these modern PFTCs their use and popularity have continued to grow. This desire for PFTCs combined with SDTCS’ experience and South Dakota’s trust and PFTC laws make South Dakota PFTCs a great option for many families.